CalSysNet Research Group

Advancing Research on Systems and Networks.

A brief list of our current projects are below.  Click on the corresponding links for more details.  Please contact us for further details.

UCSD CogNet is one of the earliest cognitive networking projects. We started work in this direction as early as October 2005.  Today, to the best of our knowledge, we have the largest cognitive network testbed.

This project focuses on our research on energy management solutions, applied on networking systems, research solutions and prototypes.

We focus on Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) Ad hoc Networking for tactical ad hoc networking with the focus on network scalability and capacity, quality of service, and security.

This project focuses on Wireless Mesh Networking. As part of this project, we research on solutions including Architectures, MAC, routing, and transport layer protocols. Our recent work in this direction involves Small World Wireless Mesh Networks. For additional information, please email the group lead.

Tactical Ad hoc Networking


Wireless Mesh Networks


RESCUE is an NSF sponsored project that focuses on high end information technology research on solutions for responding to crises and unexpected events. CalSysNet leads the Robust Networking and Information Collection project under RESCUE. For more details check the project website.

Responsphere is an NSF sponsored infrastructure project that is designed to contribute and support multiple projects including RESCUE, CogNet, and WIISARD.  For more details check the project website.