CalSysNet Research Group

Advancing Research on Systems and Networks.


Research Scientist at UCSD CalIT2

Lecturer at ECE Department, UCSD

Group Lead, CalSysNet Research Group

E-mail: bsmanoj At ucsd dot edu

Scientist CalSysNet Research Group


E-mail: stilak (AT) ucsd (dot) edu

International Collaborator, CalSysNet, UCSD

Associate Professor, IIT Delhi, India.

E-mail:  dharmar(at)

Industry Collaborators

Dilip Krishnaswamy, Ph.D

Industry Collaborator, CalSysNet, UCSD

Senior Staff Researcher, Office of the Chief Scientist

Qualcomm, Inc., San Diego, USA.

E-mail:  dilip(at)

International Collaborator

External Collaborator, CalSysNet, UCSD

Assistant Professor, San Diego State University (SDSU), USA

E-mail:  msarkar2 (at)

External Collaborator

Student Researchers

Student Alumni Researchers (Partial list)

E-mail: tba

International Collaborator, CalSysNet, UCSD

Assistant Professor, IIT Hyderabad, India.

Xiaoying Gan

Lecturer, Shangai Jiao Tang University, Shangai, P. R. China.

E-mail: tba

Collaborator, CalSysNet Research Group