CalSysNet Research Group

Advancing Research on Systems and Networks.

The list of prototypes that the members of this group help develop are listed here.

CalMesh V1 is the version 1.0 of the wireless mesh networking platform that is developed by RESCUE, and Responsphere projects at UCSD-CalIT2 A newer version of this platform is developed as CalMesh V2.0 by Per Johanssonís team. CalSysNet no longer manages the product line, rather we work on the research side of CalMesh 1.0.

CalNode is the network element of a Cognitive network system. It is a centrally controlled access point that has the capability of observing the historical wireless network environment based on which the network optimization decisions can be made.

CogAP is an autonomous cognitive network access point that has the capability to autonomously observe the wireless environment, learn, plan, and decide† network optimization decisions. This device need not have a central cognitive controller to function.


UCSD CogNet testbed is a large testbed consists of CalNodes and central cognitive controllers. As of December 2008, the testbed has more than three dozen nodes.