CalSysNet Research Group

Advancing Research on Systems and Networks.

CalIT2 is calling for undergraduate student interns from UCSD undergraduates for the summer 2010.  CalSysNet scientists, faculty members, and researchers will mentor potential successful candidates. However, interaction before application is necessary. You may find additional detail here.  

CalIT2 undergraduate student Internship opportunities

Opportunities / Jobs

Phone: 858-822-2564

Fax: 858-822-4633

E-mail: bsmanoj[[at] ucsd [[dot] edu

Undergraduate and Graduate students have several research opportunities with CalSysNet research group. Opportunities exist in the following areas: Systems and Networks and Machine Learning. Contact the Group Lead, B. S. Manoj with a detailed CV, list of publications, and research statement.

Research opportunity for Under graduate and graduate students

In the Systems and Networks area, we have several research volunteer positions are available. Note that there will be a strict screening process  including professional interviews. Further note that there will be strict time contribution requirements are to be met. You may contact the group lead, B. S. Manoj for further information.

Research volunteer positions for non-students

There are many research opportunities in CalSysNet research group. Some with funding from Federal Agencies such as NSF and Army Research Office, and some with no support. Please contact B. S. Manoj, the group lead, by email for further information.