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Advancing Research on Systems and Networks.

Indo-US Advanced Summer School on Systems and Networks



The Track 1 is a series of lectures  on Distributed Wireless Network Systems such as Multihop networks, wireless mesh networks, and wireless ad hoc networks.

In this track, the participants will be trained on advanced prototypes such as CalNode, CalMesh, and CalRadio developed by the UCSD Division of CalIt2.

Indo-US Science and Technology Forum (IUSSTF) and UCSD-CalIT2, through CalSysNet research group, sponsor the Indo-US Advanced Summer School on Systems and Networks during June 18th, 2009—July 18th, 2009. As a first of its kind activity in the collaboration between UCSD and Indian Institutions of Technology, a series of joint collaboration discussions between the faculties and students of both countries is planned as part of this event. 

Sponsored by IUSSTF and CalIT2 through CalSysNet

Start Date: 06/18/2009

End Date: 07/18/2009


Track 2 consists of a series of lectures by experts on systems and networks. The list of speakers include:

Ramesh Rao, Director, UCSD-CalIt2, UCSD. [10-11am, 6/24/09, Room 4004] (Inaugural lecture.)

S. Dharmaraja, Professor, IIT Delhi, India. (Abstract) [11am-noon, 06/26/2009, Room 5004]

U. B. Desai, Director, IIT Hyderabad, India. (TBA)

Geoff Voelker, Professor, CSE, UCSD. (Abstract) [10.30am-noon, 06/23/2009, Room 3004]

George Varghese, Professor, CSE, UCSD.(Abstract) [TBA]

Krishna Sivalingam, Professor, IIT Madras, India (Abstract ) [2pm-3pm, 06/24/2009, Room 4004]

S. N. Merchant, Professor, IIT Bombay, India. (Abstract) [11am-noon, 06/24/2009, Room 6004)]

Rajesh Gupta, Professor, CSE, UCSD, (Abstract-1) [11am-noon, 07/01/2009, Room 2004],

                                                               (Abstract-2), [1pm-2pm, 07/10/2009, Room 4004]

Dilip Krishnaswamy, Qualcomm Research Center, San Diego. (Abstract) [11am-noon, 7/10/2009, Room 4004]

Bheemarjuna Reddy Tamma, CalIt2, UCSD. (Abstract) [11am-noon, 06/22/2009, Room 2004]

Navid Ehsan, Mushroom Networks, Inc., San Diego. (Abstract) [11am-noon, 07/15/2009, Room 2004]

Ping Zhou, Qualcomm R&D, San Diego, USA. (Abstract) [11am-noon, 07/08/2009, Room 4004]

Kalyan Vaidyanathan, Sun Micro Systems, San Diego, USA. [(Abstract) 1pm-2pm, 6/29/2009, Room 4004]

Sameer Tilak, CalIT2, UCSD. [(Abstract) 11am-Noon, 7/6/2009, Room 4004]

Anders Nilsson Plymoth, UCSD-CalIT2, [(Abstract), 2pm-3pm, 7/14/2009, Room 6004]


Track 1: Lecture Series on Distributed Wireless Systems

Speaker: B. S. Manoj

Track 2: Lecture Series by Experts on Systems and Networks

Chairs: B. S. Manoj and S. Dharmaraja

Track 3: Hands-on Track

Chairs: Bheemarjuna Tamma

General Chair(s)

B. S. Manoj , UCSD-CalIt2,  USA

S. Dharmaraja, IIT Delhi, India


Indo-US collaboration chair:

Sukumar Srinivas, UCSD


Hands-on track chair:

Bheemarjuna Tamma, CalIT2


Local Arrangements chair:

Lovella Cacho, CalIT2


Advisory Committee